The differences between type A, B, C and D jumbo (FIBC) fabric bags.

    All types of bulk bags (FIBCs) fabrics are about controlling static electricity, which is an imbalance of electric charges within or on the surface of a material. When FIBC bags are rapidly filled and discharged, the flowing movement of finely powdered substances can cause a build-up of static electricity. Removing or preventing an electrical charge is critical in the packaging of flammable or combustible materials or in an environment where combustible dust may be present. There are FOUR types of jumbo bags are used in controlling static electricity. They were named that types A, B, C and D. Each type has particular features and uses. Let’s learn about them with us.

The differences between type A, B, C and D FIBC fabrics.

Type A FIBCs:

Structure: They are made from plain woven PP and other non-conductive fabrics. As there is no static protection provided by type A FIBC bags, it is essential that they are not used to store or transport combustible materials or used in flammable or combustible environments.

Bao jumbo đáy xả, Spout bottom fibc bags

Jumbo (FIBC) bags fabric type A.

Uses: The use of this type of FIBC may give rise to brush and propagating brush discharges. So it is generally recommended that jumbo bags type A is NOT used for flammable powders or in locations where flammable vapor or gas atmospheres may be present.

Caution: No flammable solvents or gases should be present around this FIBC bulk bag.

Type B FIBCs:

Structure: Type B FIBCs are made from plain woven polypropylene fabrics that have a low breakdown voltage to prevent the occurrence of highly energetic propagating brush discharges that can ignite a dust-air mixture. Type B FIBCs cannot be considered anti-static because they do not have any mechanism for dissipating static electricity.

Cross corner belt fibc bags - Trung Kien JSC

FIBC bags fabric type B.

Uses: the jumbo bags fabric type B are used to safely transport dry or flammable powders.

Caution: No flammable solvents or gases should be present around this bulk bag.

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