Definition about bulk bags, FIBC bags (P 1)

All industries have their own language and knowing how people refer to things will help you identify available options. Below are some common bulk bags / FIBC bags definitions that you may encounter:

Approval Drawing – A drawing supplied by the plant for the prospective customer’s review and approval, prior to production, in order to assure compliance with the customer’s needs and expectations.

Baffle – Pieces of fabric or other material sewn across each corner of a tubular or four – panel bag to improve a bag’s squareness, appearance, improve the stability of the load and to more efficiently utilize storage or shipping space.

Bag Height – Height dimension of an FIBC measured from the top Seam to the Bottom Seam.

Belt Patch – A piece of fabric sewn either between the main fabric of the bag body and the Lift Belt, or on top of the Lift Belt, within the belt sewn portion, used to improve sift resistance and/or the safe working load (SWL).

Bias Strap or Tape – Made of multifilament yarns, (MFY), polyester or polypropylene, and used to tie inlet and outlet spouts. Also called a Web Tie or Tie Strap.

Body Fabric – Main Fabric used on the body of a u-panel, four panel or circular bag.

Bottom Fabric – The bottom material of a tubular or four panel bag.

Bottom Spout – Also called a Discharge Spout, used as an outlet to empty the contents of the FIBC.

Breathable Fabric/Bags – Uncoated or non-laminated fabric/bags.

Circular Woven Bag – Also called a tubular bag, it is made from fabric woven on a circular loom, which is then cut to the proper length for a specified bag height, thereby eliminating the vertical seams on each of the bag’s sides.

Cone Top – A variation of an inlet, where the top is a pyramid-type to allow over filling of the bag. Also called a Conical Top.

Coated Fabric/Bags – Fabric or bag which is coated/laminated with polypropylene (PP) to reduce moisture intrusion or sifting of the contents. Also called Non-breathable or laminated fabric/bags.

Cord lock – A closure device to hold the rope or cord in place on the spout – typically used on the discharge of bags. They come in a variety of sizes and eliminate the need for hand tied knots.

Denier – The weight of yarn in grams per 9,000 meters.

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