Benefits of FIBC bulk bags

        As we  know, FIBC bags are the bulk bags, payload capacity upto 5 (five) tons of materials. So, their dimensions are a little large. However, undeniable many benifits of FIBC bulk bags (jumbo bags). Example high payload, FIBCs can fill many types of materials, environmentally friendly, cheaper than Polypropylene woven bags (PP bags), cost savings, etc. Let’s find out more below.

Benefits of FIBC bulk bags.

Cost savings:

For personal and enterprise want to transport a large quantity of goods, choosing use FIBCs are economic benefits.

Example: You want to transport a ton of materials (such as cements). There are two solution to do it. First, if you use the PP woven bags payload of 25 kgs per bag then you need about 40 bags. Then your  total cost are about 160.000 dong   Second, you use 01 (one) FIBC bag with payload 1 ton to fill this materials. And you only pay from 100.000 dong to 150.000 dong. What are your choice ?

Real Baffle FIBC bulk bags- Trung Kien JSC

A jumbo bag of Trung Kien JSC

Products which you can store and ship in bulk bag.

         Choosing the correct bag that meets your exact needs can save labor costs and reduce waste materials. Customized to suit material, plant and distribution system, products commonly packaged in FIBC bulk bags.

+ Fertilizer, Agrochemicals, Feeds, Seeds, etc.

+ Plastics and chemical materials such as Calcium, Barium, Magnesium, Potassium, Epsom Salt (Magie sulphat), etc.

+ Food products as rice, sugar, salt, flour, dextrose, starch, food additives, grain, rice, popcorn, beans, etc.

+ Mineral products as lime, limestone, flint, silica, etc.

+ Other materials: borax, sand, cements, etc.

Other  benefits of FIBCs:

  • An FIBC carry up to dozen of times its own weight.
  • No pallets needed as each FIBC has integral lifting loops.
  • Reusable FIBCs fold flat to take up minimal space when returned.
  • Colorprinting turns the FIBC into a mobile advertising board promoting company and brand or displaying vital product and handling information.
  • Massive savings in transport and storage costs – no pallets or secondary packaging and lowest packaging weight per ton shipped.
  • Designed for easy recycling when working life is over.

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